Letter from slain International Volunteer Lorenzo Orsetti

Letter from slain International Volunteer Lorenzo Orsetti

“These are difficult times, I know, but don’t give in to despair, don’t ever abandon hope, never! Not even for a second.” Lorenzo Orsetti


 “I hope now that his death will say something about the cause of the Kurds.” Alessandro Orsetti, father of the 33-year-old Florentine killed in Syria.

An Italian volunteer Lorenzo “Orso” Orsetti from Florence was killed this morning (18 March) in Baghouz during clashes with ISIS.


Lorenzo fought bravely in Afrin and had a number of close calls on the Deir ez-Zor front. He was a chef by trade, a dog lover, an intelligent and brave comrade. Thinking of his family and friends at this difficult time.


Sehid namirin! Chi ha compagni non muore mai!


Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign

This text contains the words of fallen Italian comrade Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) written in the event of his martyrdom




If you are reading this message then it means that I am no longer of this world. Don’t be too sad, though, I’m OK with it; I don’t have any regrets and I died doing what I thought was right, defending the weak and staying true to my ideals of justice, equality and liberty.


So in spite of my premature departure, my life has been a success, and I’m almost certain that I went with a smile on my face. I couldn’t have asked for more.


I wish all of you all the best in the world and I hope that one day, you too will decide to give your life for others (if you haven’t already) because that is the only way to change the world.


Only by combatting the individualism and egoism in each of us can we make a difference. These are difficult times, I know, but don’t give in to despair, don’t ever abandon hope, never! Not even for a second.


Even when all seems lost, when the evils that plague the earth and humanity seem insurmountable, you must find strength, you must inspire strength in your comrades.

It is in the darkest moments that we have greatest need of your light.


And remember always that “every storm begins with a single raindrop.” You must be that raindrop.


I love you all, I hope you will treasure these words for time to come.









Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign


Listen (Italian)

Lorenzo Orsetti (messaggio)


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