Migrants. There must – be – a better way

by séamas carraher, global rights | 21 Giugno 2023 9:03


“Up to 500 people are still missing from a migrant boat that sank off Greece, the UN human rights office says.”

Georgios Vasilakos, a volunteer rescue doctor for the Hellenic Red Cross, told the BBC that no women and children were among the survivors.

He said survivors reported that “all women and children were isolated below deck”. (BBC)


Migrant. Water. Despair.

This strangest of days

between sunset and sunrise

the sea had come to call.


Came to wake Mother Nature

– near dead on her feet.


Now a world of water

will wash these weary corpses,

wind-and-weather-swept and discarded

– wash them far away.


Father and sister and brother lie dead

– between sunset and sunrise,

this strangest of days

where water will wash

even their tears away.


It seems we have slept a long time.


We sleep on.


Despite these endless and countless ghosts

who now – once again –  must make

this silent complaint:


“There must – be – a better way.”


séamas carraher

20 june 2023


Image and Quotes (“fair use”)  (BBC – 17 June 2023)[1]


“Last month the Greek government came under international criticism over video reportedly showed the forceful expulsion of migrants who were set adrift at sea.”

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  1. (BBC – 17 June 2023): https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-65925558

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