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A Peace Stable and Lasting in Colombia

This is the text of the Joint Communique read yesterday by the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP. The Parties have then signed the Final Agreement for Peace which will be available today.

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FARC e Governo vicine all’Accordo Finale 0

Stretta finale nel processo di pace colombiano in corso all’Avana. Le delegazioni del governo e delle FARC-EP hanno annnunciato oggi di essere vicine alla firma dell’Accordo di Pace Finale

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Comunicato congiunto FARC-EP-governo della Colombia

Le delegazioni del Governo nazionale e le FARC-EP hanno concordato i protocolli e allegati dell’accordo sul “Cessate il fuoco e delle ostilità bilaterale e definitivo e decommissione delle armi”

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Ivan Cepeda is currently a senator for the Alternative Democratic Pole, and a prominent member of MOVICE, a group of associations of victims of State terrorism

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The Long Road to Peace

Making peace, as Gerry Adams continues to reiterate, quoting Nelson Mandela, is much more difficult than making war

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Guerrillas are optimistic and think of the post-conflict

Tanja Nijmeijer is known as “the Dutch guerrilla”. Indeed she is a young Dutch woman who, as a university student, went to Colombia where her concerns about poverty and inequality became something not theoretical but stories and faces she could actually touch with her hands

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