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Families of Er and Dağ appeal to international community 

Abdurrahman Er and Mazlum Dağ were sentenced to death on 11 February 2020 by the Second Hall of the Erbil Criminal Court in the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan . Their parents spoke to GR about the latest situation of their sons

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Executions of Ramin Hossein Panahi “Unlawful and Unjust”

The Centre for Human Rights in Iran has issued a statement (September 10) calling the execution of Kurdish activist Ramin Hossein Panahi and the two other Kurdish prisoners “unlawful and unjust”

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Iran’s Judiciary Threatens Executions for Economic ‘Crimes’

Following the execution of 3 Kurdish activists by Iran on Saturday 8th, here is Human Rights Watch’s August 10 look at the regime’s increasing dependence on the death penalty to address issues within Iranian society

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