Articoli taggati ‘Libya’

  • Arab Spring 2.0? You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

    Jean Périer * • Mag 31, 19 • 396 Viste • Global RightsNo Comments

    Almost a decade after the launch of the so-called “Arab Spring”, one of the most troubled regions in the entire world remains threatened by the prospects of facing a new wave of protests, demanding regime change ...

  • The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence

    Tim Anderson, Global Research redazione • Mar 10, 15 • 1350 Viste • Global Rights1 Comment

    Reports that US and British aircraft carrying arms to ISIS have been shot down by Iraqi forces have been met with shock and denial in western countries. Few in the Middle East doubt that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ with its proxy armies in Syria...

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