“Turkey seeks to open new lands for ISIS to prolong its life”

“Turkey seeks to open new lands for ISIS to prolong its life”


The General Command of the Military Councils in Al-Jazeera region, said that the Turkish occupation state seeks through its attacks to open new lands for ISIS and prolong its life, and called on human rights organizations, the European Union and the United Nations to take an anti-invasion stand, and considered those who stand idly by in the face of this attack as giving assistance to these attacks.

 The Military Councils in Al-Jazeera region issued a joint statement to the public on the imminent Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria, and outlined Turkish objectives during a statement:

The statement was read in the Kurdish language by the co-chair of the Military Councils of Al-Jazeera region, Suzi Qamishlo, and in Arabic by the leader of the Military Councils Ahmad Musa and in the presence of all the leaders of the Military Councils in Al-Jazeera region, at the headquarters of the Syriac Military Council in the city of al-Hasaka.

The text read:

“Since 2011, all the peoples of Syria have witnessed a cruel and severe war in which mercenary gangs, with different names, committed heinous acts against all sections of society, these groups attacked the entire Syrian society without distinguishing between classes, creeds, religions, languages, cultures and people.

Between 2011 and 2014, mercenary gangs and ISIS occupied dozens of cities, towns and villages, and this barbaric occupation caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from their homeland. Therefore, the young men and women of all societies living on the soil of Syria made a decision to protect the homeland and human values against this barbarism, which is unprecedented in history without relying on external forces, this decision was taken on behalf of humanity, which insists on protecting its identity, this historic decision stemming from the faith, boldness, hope and will of the peoples was also taken.

Our response, as the protection forces of all the peoples of Syria, and of all the peoples living in the region to these attacks, was our lawful defense, the war that we fought against these mercenary gangs was based on the idea of Self-Defense. Our people, without hesitation and without calculation, presented their children as a gift to the existence of the revolution of freedom.


We have provided thousands of martyrs, wounded in self-protection, this is a dignity and a victory for all the people of Syria, and it was an unprecedented hope and victory for all of humanity.

Since the peoples of northern, eastern Syria and western Kurdistan decided to defend themselves, the Turkish state has tried through various kinds of attacks to annihilate the revolution of the people. The Turkish state has been proven dozens of times that it is helping ISIS mercenaries.

After the defeat of the largest terrorist organization (the ISIS mercenaries), the Turkish state attacked and for various reasons the gains we had gained. The attack on Afrin by the Turkish state and its occupation of Afrin and in other Syrian regions indicates that the Turkish state is determined to deepen the Syrian crisis and prolong the war. The Turkish State aims to occupy our land and eliminate the gains of our people. The hostility of the Turkish state to the Kurdish people is directed at all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

Through these attacks, the Turkish state seeks to open new territory for the ISIS mercenaries and to prolong the life of these gangs. We do not in any way accept the attacks of the Turkish state and its supporters. The whole world knows very well the aim of the Turkish state’s attack on northern and eastern Syria.

Therefore, we call on human rights organizations, democratic institutions, the European Union and the United Nations to take a stand against the attack of the Turkish state.

On this basis, we reiterate to the whole world that we do not threaten the Turkish state, but if the Turkish state attacks us to occupy our territory, we will use our right to lawful defense until the last breath. We are also ready to repel any kind of attack.


It is on this basis that our people, who have made unparalleled sacrifices in the past today too, will do what is required of them in a spirit of self-sacrifice in order to repel this Turkish attack. We appeal to all nations, identities and beliefs to stand united in the face of Turkish attacks and raise their voice against them.

The major role and responsibility lies with the youth in repelling the attacks of the Turkish state and we believe that our youth will take a revolutionary position and will turn to the resistance fronts and the battlefields in a revolutionary spirit.


Source :  Kongra Star

Kongra Star: The main objective of women’s work in our administration in Rojava is the establishment of free, democratic, ecological municipalities that are based on women’s freedom. Women began to work in the municipalities to bring their unique perspective and aesthetics to municipal work. They managed to prove their broad abilities and importance through active participation in all aspects of the peoples’ municipalities.


Image: Kurdishstruggle – Yezidi YBŞ Fighters – Yezidi Resistance Fighters – Some rights reserved

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